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Rss Feed Error

Two Steps to Fix the RSS Feed Error

Actually this rss feed error comes due to mis configuration of function.php file of your installed theme. In this functions.php file,at the end of closing php tag(?>) there may be an extra white space or line break is present.This white spaces comes due to poor formatting of your file.Normally WordPress outputs RSS feeds in XML (eXtensible Markup Language),strict language.This breaks the rss feed if there is an extra Tab space or a line break.The XML parsing error will looks as below mentioned.

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Line Number 13, Column 4:

And depends on your browser the rss feed error will be different.Below shown message is an error message when you are visting your feed in a diffrent browser.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/ in /home/user/ on line 2134

There are two simple steps to fix this rss feed error. When you see the above eror then you be in cool and follow below steps.And they are

1.Remove White Space
2.Use Plugin(Fix My Feed RSS Repair)
Lets go with first one..

1.Remove White Space:
You just login to your website’s control panel using FTP or CPanel.Ang go to your installed theme’s functions.php file.This theme files are present in a wp-content folder.Simply edit the functions.php file,there….at the end of your code .i.e.,at the end of php closing tag( ..  ?>”        “),remove white space or remove line break if it is present.Orelse remove closing php tag.No problem. No need of closing php tags at the end of this file.
If you do this maximum your error will be fixed.You can also apply this step when you are having an error of “your website is displaying white screen“.If your rss feed error is not fixed with the  above solution then follow below solution by using plugin.

2.Use Plugin(Fix My Feed RSS Repair)
Install this plugin into your website and read the instructions that the plugin provider is provided.Activate the plugin and Goto Settings>>RSS Feed Fix. Click on Fix Feed button as shown below.
rss feed errorThat’s it your error will be fixed.Check the feed after you clicked on Fix Feed button.
We hope this article is helped you much.If so,please share this on Facebook.Happy Coding.!

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