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Creating magento customers custom group,

Steps to Creating Magento Customer’s Custom Groups

Create a Magento Customer’s Custom Group

Setting up a custom user group in magento is very easy. You can create a new group from the admin admin area of Magento. You just go to Admin Area>>Customers>>Customers Groups>>Add New Customer Group. Now Customer group is created.You can change newly registered customer’s group from the admin area>>Customers>>Manage Customers. Now change the customer’s group by clicking on the edit link next to the customer and change the Account Information,Click on Save Customer.

You can set the discounts from Promotions>>Catalog Price Rules>>Add New Rule. Now select the customer’s group for which the promotion is valid. Save Rule after entering other details and set the rule actions and conditions.

That’s it you are done with this. We hope this article is helped you to create a customer user group. Please share the same on Facebook.“Happy Coding.!”

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