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Resetting Magento Admin Password

Most of the Magento beginners are not aware about how reset their website’s admin password.This issue also one of the common magento error or issues.To reset magento admin password there are two ways.In that first one is, getting password reset link to the registered mail ID.And second one is by directly editing passwords containing database table.In either way we can reset our magento website’s admin password.

1).Click on Forgot My Password?

This is the best and easy way for the beginners to reset your admin password.You just click on forgot my password? link in the login page.Then you will be asked to enter your registered mail id to get reset link.Now open your registered mail id and find reset password mail from on that link and follow steps to reset admin password.If you are aware with SQL databases and queries then  follow below step.

2).Reset through phpMyAdmin.

You can reset your admin password by editing admin credentials table in database.Login to control panel(CPanel) and go to phpMyAdmin.Find running database and navigate to admin credentials table,named with “admin_user table” .Now get MD5 code of your password that you want to set as your password from third party MD5 hash generators.MD5  hash code will looks as “5rDu0weF8g812j1ak9s” .This MD5 is used to encrypt your password.Paste the code that you got from MD5 hash generators at password column in “admin_user table” .If you are not aware of getting MD5 hash code of normal text.Then execute below query in database for Magento 2.

UPDATE admin_user SET password = CONCAT(SHA2('<em>xxxxxxxxNewPassword</em>', 256), ':<em>xxxxxxxx</em>:1') WHERE username = 'admin';

For older versions(1.9 or older),execute with below code

UPDATE admin_user SET password = CONCAT(MD5('xxNewPassword'), ':xx') WHERE username = 'admin';

Click on Go button then Save changes.We hope this article is helped you to reset your magento admin password.Please share the same on the Facebook.“Happy Coding.!”.

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