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Locked out of wp-admin (WordPress Admin)

We say this problem is happened when you are not able to access your wordpress site admin dashboard or which displays white screen.We have listed below the reasons to happen this problem to your site and simply follow these pretty solutions that we’ve explained below to comeout of this problem.You need to do first thing is Be in Cool and read the solutions.The main reasons are
1.Syntax Error
2.WhiteScreen Of Death
3.Databse Connection Error
4.User Privileges

Let us start with first problem, i.e.,

1.Syntax Error:

Most of the cases this syntax error comes to the beginners only because they may not be familiar with code that they have pasted code snippets into their theme files (with Editor in dashboard) from outside.Due to such thing,the code they might be placed at some wrong place in the theme files.Normally we paste mostly in functions.php to get extra functionality that we need.So, you just simply edit that file with right code or you can delete that file(you’ve edited) and upload the original file by accessing control panel via FTP.See here more information on Syntax Error.
Now browse or login to your website,if it is okay then congrats on your job.!Otherwise follow next steps..

2.White Screen Of Death:

This problem comes when you exhausted the memory limit and if there is a poor coding in your installed plugins or mis configured theme files.And also it may comes if you are in unreliable hosting.Please visit the post to have more information on this White Screen Of Death.

If even you are not fixed the problem with above solution then go with below case.

3.Database Connection Error:

If  you are seeing the Error Establishing A Database Connection error on your site then there may be different reasons to happen this error.Those reasons are, your hosting server may get damaged or your database get crashed or you have entered database login credentials intentionally in wp-config.php file or someother.To resolve this error please see our indetailed guide on Error Establishing a Database Connection.

Finally follow below last case if you’ve not fixed your problem with the above three solutions.

4.User Privileges(Admin).

This is the problem where you can be logged into your dashboard and you can’t find any admin privileged functionality options like Plugins,Themes,Settings,Appearance,etc.If you are seeing the same on your dashboard,now you can conclude that your website were hacked by hacker.No Worries,hacker might be changed your privileges.You can get your access by repairing your database or simply go to wp-user table using phpMyAdmin by logging in to your control panel using FTP.Now there you can find user name,niche name and password.Change them if that details are incorrect(if not matching with your wordpress login credentials).That’s it you are done.

We hope your  error will be fixed and you cameout of the error world.If still you are having the same,then better to contact your hosting provider.“Happy Coding.!”

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