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wordpress image upload issue

Image Upload Issue in WordPress

This is one of the most often causing error facing by the beginners and is also common word-press error.This error happens due to a bad file permissions. If your host provider changed their server or migrated from one to another then this problem will raise if they changed file permissions.Sometimes the uploaded file in your uploads directory is also can’t be read.The screenshot of this issue given below.

image issue in wordpress error
No worries,Before doing anything its better to have a backup of your website.Follow the below steps to come out of this issue.

1.Remove the plugins:

that are used for image optimization.When you are updated the WordPress version then the particular image optimization plugins may get conflict with WordPress code.To come out of this conflict that particular plugin must be updated and must be compatible with the updated version of WordPress. If everything is fine and if even you are having the same issue.!? then change the file permissions as explained below.

2.Change File Permissions:

Login to your control panel using FTP or C Panel. Go to image uploads directory (wp-content>>uploads).Right click on uploads directory and click on File Permissions option at last.Now you will get a window as shown below.
file permission change wordpress error
Set the folder permission to 744 and choose “Apply to directories only ” radio button and check.If this doesn’t work then change the permission to 755.Both are used directory read,write permissions allowable.And we have to set the permissions for files which are present in uploads directory. Do the same thing but change file permission number to 644 and choose “Apply to files only” radio button as shown below.
image upload issue
Click on OK.Now check.We hope your WordPress image upload issue will be fixed.If this article is helped then please share the same on Facebook. “Happy Coding.!”

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