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How to speed up Magento Store

For the beginners,They don’t know about how to speed up magento 2 store pages loading time when their manager asks them.There is no much of work to gain speed in loading store pages,you can follow just a simple 10 seconds Magento Compilation step to gain speed.

How to Speed Up Magento 2 ?

1.Go to System then click on Tools
2.Click on Compilation and now click on Run Compilation Process

That’s it you are done.Now you will be having 40% of increased speed.And keep one point in your mind that your store hosted server should have good features which depends on processor,RAM,Internet etc of server.Even after Magento Compilation process if you are not gaining speed then the problem must be with the hosted server.Once check with the hosting provider or your server administrator about server speed,etc.

Hope this article is helped you to gain store speed.Please share the same on the facebook or any media.“Happy Coding.!”

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