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White Screen Of Death

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

This wordpress white screen of death error one of the common wordpress issue.At the starting stage of your website building this error won’t come.If this is happened to all your websites those are hosted in same server then the problem with the server.You can fix this by contacting your hosting provider.If other websites are working fine then the problem can be solved by you only.No worries,In this article we are listing you the main causes for this error and how to kick on that error.The main reasons to have this error are

1.Problem with Memory Limit

2.Problem with InstalledPlugins

3.Problem with Installed Theme.  Lets us go with Memory Limit

1.Problem with Memory Limit

If the memory limit is less than the wordpress system is requested.Wordpress always tries to increase the its value when its is lowerthan 64MB.You can fix this error by editing php.ini file or by wp-config.php. To increase the memory limit ,follow steps on Increasing Memory Limit

If your error not get fixed with above solution then apply below second step

2.Problem with Installed Plugins

This error comes if  your installed plugins misbehaves with installed theme or with wordpress.Fix this error by simply renaming your plugins folder to plugins123 or someother name.If the error is fixed with this then the problem must be with one of the installed plugin.You do reinstall that plugin,by finding that particular plugin by renaming each plugin and checking.
Even if this step also not helping you then go with step3.

3.Problem with Installed Theme.

If the above two steps are not fixed your error then simply rename your active theme.Or reinstall the theme or purchase pro version or change the theme.

With this your error must be fixed.“Happy Coding.!”

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