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Syntax Error in Wordpress

How to fix the Syntax error in WordPress

There are many website on the web who provides code for the logics and functionalities. If we need the same functionality to our website then we simply copy that code and pastes in our theme files or in plugin files.That works only when you copy required code and pasting at correct place in the file.But for the beginners this task will become difficult. They may miss semicolon,curly brace,etc.
We have written this article to aim the WordPress beginners.The error looks as shown below.

Prase error:syntax error, unexpected '}' element in /homedire/project1/wp-content/themes/plugin name/file.php on line 189

No worries,you can fix this by editing the resected file.Go to Appearance>>Editor. See on the error page at what file and which line that causing the error.You just go to that particular file through editor (you can find theme files at right side when you click Editor).Now edit that error causing file and go that line which is showing on error page.Edit the code and put correct syntax.Or keep the same as original file.

Or if you have the theme files aside then replace the old theme files with new file. That’s it,we hope your error will be fixed.If you are facing still the same please comment below.
“Happy Coding.!”

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