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Internal Server Error_ 500 Internal server error

How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress

Fix Code Error Internal Server Error

This “Internal Server Error” or “500 Internal Server Error” usually appears when your website hosted server is unable to detect where the problem is coming from.The causes for this error are 4.They are

1.Problem with .htaccess file

2.Problem with PHP Memory Limit

3.Problem with Installed Plugins and

4.Wordpress Version

Let us go with first one,

1.Problem with .htaccess file:

For the beginners this error may confuses little because they feel this error came from server side.But it is not.First you have to check your .htaccess file,you  can find this file by direct logging in to your control panel through FTP or CPanel. In public_html directory you can find this .htaccess file where all wordpress folders are available(wp-admin,wp-content,wp-config.php etc.,).You do just rename your .htaccess file and check your website by refreshing the browser’s tab.Before refreshing, go to settings>>permalinks and click on Save button.Then it will create a default .htaccess file with default Rewrite rules. With this maximum your error will be fixed.
If this error is not fixed with option 1 then go with option 2.

2.Problem with PHP Memory Limit

This Internal Server Error may comes if the memory limit is less or allowed memory size is low. You can find your the memory limit value in php.ini file located in public_html directory.Simply edit the file and increase the limits or simply paste the below code into your php.ini file. If php.ini file is not found in your public_html directory,then No Worries!! You just create a file php.ini and paste the below code and save.

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

That’s it your error will be fixed with this option.If still your error is not fixed the above option then go with option 3.There your error must be fixed.Let’s go

3.Problem with Installed Plugins.

This Internal Server Error may comes also if there is problem with your plugins.Which rises when plugin doesn’t support your theme or not tested with the version of your WordPress or crashing between plugins and themes.To fix this you just rename you plugins directory to some other like plugins12.Now check your website by refreshing. If its fixed then there is problem with one of the installed plugins.Now rename back plugins12 to plugins and inside of plugins directory rename every plugins folder and check.Reinstall that plugin where you are fixed the error.

If even this option is also not helped you to fix the error then go with option 4.

4. WordPress Version.

Update your website WordPress version.You can know your website’s current WordPress version in main dashboard panel. Simply click on dashboard option there you can find current WordPress version and theme that you are using for your website.
Directly you can update WordPress version by clicking on Update to 4.x button.Or you can manually update your WordPress version.To know more about installing of WordPress manually,go here.

With this 4 options you can fix this 500 Internal Server Error.If even you didn’t get helped with this simply contact your hosting provider. They will check in their level.“Happy Coding.!”

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