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wordpress login page not working redirecting refreshing

Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

This login page refreshing and redirecting issue is also one of the common wordpress errors and some what irritating issue for the beginners.Beginners can comeout easily from the common errors like error establishing a database connection , white screen of death or rss feed error .But this wordpress login page not working issue or can’t login to wordpress admin issue feels some what difficult to fix for the beginners.No worries,we have brought to you a simple and easy solution to fix.Most of the time this redirecting error comes only when there is a problem with installed wordpress plugins,installed themes,Cache or cookies in your browser, and with .htaccess file.
Take a breath and be in cool.Now read the below solutions and implement.But keep one point in your mind that before you do anything to your website,its better to have a backup of your website.Otherwise you’ll be in trouble if you did any wrong with your cute website.

1).Clear Cache or Cookies:

This cookies and cache which are stored in your browser may cause this redirecting issue .Delete or clear them and make sure to that your browser is enabled cookies. Now restart your browser and try to login to your website. This will solve your wordpress wp-admin redirect problem mostly .If still you are having the same then follow next steps to fix this wordpress login redirect loop issue.

2).Check Installed Plugins:

This wordpress login page not working issue comes if any of your installed plugins is misbehaves within its functionalities.So, try to detect that black sheep plugin by disabling the plugins directory (rename folder plugins to plugins12). Now try to login to your website.If you are logged in then one of the plugins may cause this wordpress login page redirecting issue.Now rename back folder plugins12 to plugins and try to rename each plugin and check.Find the plugin which is causing the issue.Delete that plugin and install again with new version if you require.

If you are having still the same issue then work with theme change operation as explained below.

3).Check Activated Theme:

Due to theme’s old version and which may not compatible with latest version this may cause this wordpress login page not working issue.Change the activated theme to other theme.Now check your login page and login.If you are fixed this issue then the installed theme causing the problem.If still you are facing the same then the problem must be in the .htaccess the steps as explained below.

4).Check .htaccess file:

If you wrote any new Rewrite conditions to your .htaccess file,check them.Or if you did not write any new conditions then simply delete that .htaccess file and create default .htaccess file by clicking on Save button in Settings>>permalinks>>Save. It will create default .htaccess file with default ReWrite rules. Definitely it will solve your problem.

We hope this article is helped you to come out of this wordpress login page redirecting issue.Please share the same on facebook.Happy Coding.!

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