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Fix White Text And Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

This issue is one of the most common wordpress errors.For the beginners this issue makes uncomfortable.For those we have listed the causes to happen issue and the simple solutions to come out of that issue. The main reasons to happen this  “missing buttons and white text in wordpress editor” are
1.Browser Cache
2.Tiny MCE Script problem
3.htaccess bad Rewrite rules
4.Bad Plugins
5.Edit wp-config.php file
Let us start with common solution for this white text and missing buttons in visual editor i.e.,Browser Cache

1.Clear Browser Cache:

First open your dashboard in new browser or open in private browser or clear the cache on your browser.Definitely this work will fix this.If this issue is not fixed  by clearing browser cache  then problem may be with installed wordpress files.

2.Tiny MCE Script problem:

Sometimes the script may get damaged due to third party plugins or if you update this Tiny MCE Script plugin.So,to come out of this issue replace the file with new files at the location of /wp-includes/js/tinymce/ folder with a new copy.

3. Delete .htaccess file

Delete the .htaccess file or change previously edited rewrite rules in .htaccess file.if you delete this file then create the new file with default .htaccess file by clicking on Save button(Goto Settings>>Permalinks>>Save Button) ,it will creates .htaccess file with deafault Rewrite rules.
If your issue is not solved with this solution then remove bad plugins as mentioned below

4.Bad Plugins:

The plugins which are installed or updated recently makes this issue(missing buttons or white text in WordPress visual editor).Try to deactivate those plugins to come out of this issue. If the issue is not fixed with plugin deactivation then edit the wp-config.php file as mentioned below.

5.Edit wp-config.php file:

Open wp-config.php file and add below line of code at the starting of the page after php opening tag.Before making changes to your wp-config.php file better to have a backup of this file.

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

Maximum these five tricks will help you to fix “”white text or missing buttons on WordPress visual editor”” issue.
We hope that this article is helped you.Please share the same on Facebook.
“Happy Coding.!”

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