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wordpress error are you sure you want to do this

Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress

This “Are You Sure You Want to Do This?” Error makes uncomfort to the beginners. This error also one of the Most Common WordPress Errors.Other errors like Maintenance Error, White Screen of Death or Error Establishing a Database connection errors can be fixed by the beginners easily. But this error can’t be fixed easily by the easilly. Because there may be many reasons to cause this error.The error message will looks as shown below.
are you sure you want to do this
We are listed the reasons to cause this “Are you sure you want to do this ?” and provided  the simple solutions for those reasons which causing the errors.The reasons are
1.Problem with one of the plugins
2.Problem with Installed theme and
3.Problem in wp-config.php file
Lets us start to find the bad plugin which is causing the error

1.Problem with one of the plugins:

This “Are you sure you want to do this? ” issue comes when one of the installed plugins is misbehaving.To set that plugin,first rename your plugins directory to some other name(for example Plugins to Plugins12) by logging into your control panel using FTP or CPanel.Now check if that issue is fixed then the issue raised must be with one of plugins. To eliminate that black sheep plugin  rename back Plugins12 to Plugins. And try to rename each plugin one by one and find the plugin which is causing the error.
If your error is not fixed with renaming plugins then installed theme may be the reason to cause this issue.Let us look on this…

2.Problem with Installed theme:

Your installed theme may get damaged due to theme files deletion,or poor code formats done by you.If you have the original theme then replace with new one or remove poor formatted code which is done by you.Or shift to another theme. Your issue must be fixed with this solution.If not,then install wordpress manually with new WordPress files to come out of this issue.
If even though you are facing the same.!then edit wp-config.php file as explained below.

3.Edit wp-config.php file:

After installing new wordpress files as said in step 2,delete the following lines of code in wp-config.php.Those are Authentication Unique Keys and SALTs present to generate logs and cookies on your browser.

define('AUTH_KEY',         '`+7nTNb<AwtbLA$L-Q7amn;~|wH)ljXv2~TpbP?mLA+M`8H|n1`/Lz-GmAQL{4fB');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY',  '/gkAjhhJe`iwO)V-p=J<cN_ +6D{YhrM|=E#C7gD}]c2w~OJ} y}eY^,HWn&-j:a'); define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'PtDl2V|01oIXDpq^K,IH-8|rhT +T(ZMpuLq>UD?|W)b3gMfG~g[zr8N6}m%MZ|L');
define('NONCE_KEY',        ']Zj5i*hHlsUWKg2|>YF,X+xpd-_`I[nFmA6ZLw~;EW7g0.s5EaZCAJ=j]./5z^X~');
define('AUTH_SALT',        'e*l:hUsddFIxm1E7y-n#<a0|u- #+SsS@-#$vNz}EY4rY~-x|0_6=Q!TR=MMxUL?'); define('SECURE_AUTH_SALT', 'n]^c9nY>_}3,4)J]S sM6-MI3aB#Qk<Re^j#Lu_|x^*BhO.54aZQTtzJeCo5DWAg'); define('LOGGED_IN_SALT', 'Ba3kd1&J$~~`(|uJ0:v;w+DJ3xW}.B#R9J*r|.+V}*sTuK &8db-Mn+[boHW3{[/'); define('NONCE_SALT', 'nBv-U1qfkCZxS|13%hYdHz*s1^){.KSZWm1A^${`r!d5;EqrH:>1Xx`pwt6?**i}');

Now save the file and check your website.This time your issue must be fixed.If you are still having the same then contact your host provider.We hope this article is helped you.If so,please share the same on Facebook.“Happy Coding.!”

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