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Configuring Magento with a New Domain

Most of the Magento beginners faces problems in configuring magento with a new domain.Inorder to workout with this configuration they need to change base url or change admin url in database.You need to do this when you wants to change configured magento with  a new domain.You can do this by two simple things and they are delete magento cache and edit the database of present magento store that you want to change.Just follow below two steps to come out of this work.

1).Edit your Magento Store’s Database

Login to your website control panel(CPanel) using FTP.Go to phpmyadmin and find your current website’s database.Navigate to “core_config_data” table and click on it.Now edit the two fields of the table.Now replace old domain name with new domain name.Then Click on Go button and Save Changes.That’s it with the first step.

2).Clear the Magento Cache.

By deleting magento cache you can come out of many issues which are coming while you develop your store.Simply goto root folder of your website and find “var” folder,open it.Now delete the “cache” folder which will be in the “var” folder.You can do the same in “Cache Management” by removing all the cache present in it.
We hope with the above two steps you can configure your magento with a new domain.Please share the same on facebook.”Happy Coding.!”.

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