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Fix Wordpress Error

Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

login page timeout session expired

WordPress Session Expired ? This is also one of the common wordpress errors.This issue also called as WordPress session expired. This issue comes due to mismatch of site address and wordpress address.You need to keep both the url’s are same either with www or without www at starting of domain name.You can set them by logging in to your dashboard.The ...

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Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

wordpress login page not working redirecting refreshing

This login page refreshing and redirecting issue is also one of the common wordpress errors and some what irritating issue for the beginners.Beginners can comeout easily from the common errors like error establishing a database connection , white screen of death or rss feed error .But this wordpress login page not working issue or can’t login to wordpress admin issue feels ...

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Image Upload Issue in WordPress

wordpress image upload issue

This is one of the most often causing error facing by the beginners and is also common word-press error.This error happens due to a bad file permissions. If your host provider changed their server or migrated from one to another then this problem will raise if they changed file permissions.Sometimes the uploaded file in your uploads directory is also can’t ...

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Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress

wordpress error are you sure you want to do this

This “Are You Sure You Want to Do This?” Error makes uncomfort to the beginners. This error also one of the Most Common WordPress Errors.Other errors like Maintenance Error, White Screen of Death or Error Establishing a Database connection errors can be fixed by the beginners easily. But this error can’t be fixed easily by the easilly. Because there may ...

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Fix White Text And Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

wordpress error white space error missing button error

This issue is one of the most common wordpress errors.For the beginners this issue makes uncomfortable.For those we have listed the causes to happen issue and the simple solutions to come out of that issue. The main reasons to happen this  “missing buttons and white text in wordpress editor” are 1.Browser Cache 2.Tiny MCE Script problem 3.htaccess bad Rewrite rules 4.Bad ...

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Fix Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress

error too many redirections in wordpress

This is the very irritating issue for the beginners.This is not an error actually.This is one of the most common wordpress errors. How This Issue Comes..? This issue comes due to mismatch of WordPress Address URL and Site URL.Initially WordPress will setup with either or issue comes when you install redirection plugins to set SEO friendly URLs.Those plugins ...

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Two Steps to Fix the RSS Feed Error

Rss Feed Error

Actually this rss feed error comes due to mis configuration of function.php file of your installed theme. In this functions.php file,at the end of closing php tag(?>) there may be an extra white space or line break is present.This white spaces comes due to poor formatting of your file.Normally WordPress outputs RSS feeds in XML (eXtensible Markup Language),strict language.This breaks ...

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Locked out of wp-admin (WordPress Admin)

wordpress wp-admin locked

We say this problem is happened when you are not able to access your wordpress site admin dashboard or which displays white screen.We have listed below the reasons to happen this problem to your site and simply follow these pretty solutions that we’ve explained below to comeout of this problem.You need to do first thing is Be in Cool and ...

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Fixing the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

Forbidden(403) Error

This 403 Forbidden error comes only when you have following three problems with your website.For the beginners ,they  may feel that this is the server side issue,and they contact the hosting provider people or their server administrator.But they have to check from their side before contacting the hosting people.This error looks as shown in below image. This page says that ...

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