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magento redirect url , magento https redirect loop , magento 2 force https , magento redirect http to https

How to redirect Magento to open through www

To become best in the user search results,your website url must be included with “www“.If your website url is having this “www“, then search engines understands your web store’s products URLs easily based on their ...

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search engine friendly urls in magento,magento url rewrite,change category url in magento,seo friendly urls

How to enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in Magento

Search engine friendly urls are not that much difficult to set in magento store.And with deafault magento store url links the Google will take much time to rank your website in to top position.And Google ...

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reset magento 2 admin password magento 1.9 admin password

Resetting Magento Admin Password

Most of the Magento beginners are not aware about how reset their website’s admin password.This issue also one of the common magento error or issues.To reset magento admin password there are two ways.In that first ...

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how to speed up magento 2, speed up magento backend , speed up magento checkout , speed up magento site

How to speed up Magento Store

For the beginners,They don’t know about how to speed up magento 2 store pages loading time when their manager asks them.There is no much of work to gain speed in loading store pages,you can follow ...

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